The name ‘catalytic converter’ is often misspelt.  Maybe you found this page by misspelling the name yourselfPlease let us know if your misspelling is not in the list below.

Here are some of the most common misspellings. 

Cadaletic converter, cadalic converter, cadalidic converter, cadalytic converter, cadildic converter, cadilitic converter, cadillatic converter, cadilltic converter, cadlectic converter, catalac converter, catalack converter, catalatic converter, catalayic converter, cataletic converter, catalic converter, catalis converter, catalistic converter, catalitic converter, catalitick converters, catality converter, catalityc converter, catallic converter, catallytic converter, cataltic converter, cataly converter, catalyc converter, catalyctic converter, catalyic converter, catalysic convertor, catalystic converter, catalytic convertor, catalytic coverter, catatic converter, cataylic converter, catelletic converter, catilac converter, catilyic converter, catlitic converter, catlytic converter, cattilacte converter, catylac converter, catylic converter, catylict converter, catylitic converter, catytilic convertor, chatalistic converter.